Why Does My Skin Look Dull?

Dull Skin Causes

Why Does My Skin Look Dull?: Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself such questions like Why my skin is dry and dull? Why my skin looks dull and oily? Why my face looks dull and dry? Why my skin is getting darker and dull? Or even why does my skin look dull every time?

And the list goes on. However, there are so many why’s comes in your mind when you are first looking the mirror. But, do you ever try to think about the causes of your dry and dull skin? So, here in this short article. We will reveal you some top secrets about what causes skin looks dull and how can you treat your dull face skin naturally.

Let see what Wikipedia says about Skin Problems

What is Dull Skin? What Causes Dull Skin?

Basically, when we meet someone regarding those problems of the skin, they normally discuss something like why my complexion is dull? Or why my skin looks dull and tired?

So, at that point of view, we can assume that having dull skin or a dull face means you have an uneven tone or patches over the skin. Somehow, dull skin causes dark circles under the eyes, acne spots, or even though, your skin looking tired all the time.

Thus, you need to understand that, reasons for dull skin would be countless, and still, if you think like why my skin looks dull, then these reasons/causes would be the answer for you.

  • Anti-aging process
  • Dehydration
  • Too much oily food
  • Taking too much sleep
  • Not enough use of vitamins/minerals
  • Lack of sleep
  • Dead skin cells

However, if you really think about why my face is dull and dry or why my skin has become dark and dull? Then, you need to follow up these tips which are mention below, to further protect your dull dark skin.

Why Does My Skin Look Dull?

If you are in between the age of 15-25 and thinking in a way that why my face looks dull, then the reason would be dehydration and unhealthy diet.

Though, if you are between the age of 25-35 and feel like why my skin looks dull, then this might be because of lack of sleep or no proper cleansing routine.

Hence, at last, if you are between the age of 35-45+ and keep thinking like why my skin looks dull, then it is simply because of your aging process.

Tips to Treat Your Dull and Dry Skin Naturally:

Treat Your Dull and Dry Skin Naturally

If still, you are questioning why my skin looks dull and dry, and etc.then, keep an eye on these tips. You will surely get rid of those dull and dry skin patches, for sure.

  • Drink lots of water daily
  • Cleanse, toner, exfoliate, scrub the skin on a weekly basis.
  • Start a healthy and green veg/fruits diet.
  • Take essential minerals/vitamins on a daily basis.
  • Go for a fresh morning walk every day.
  • Keep doing exercise for about 15-20 min a day.

Final Words:

Now, getting rid of those questions about why my skin is so dull or why my face is dull. Just follow up these above mention tips and start to see a new glow and freshness on your skin.


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