20 Ways to Reduce Hair Loss Naturally

Best Treatment for Hair Loss

Everyone wants to look beautiful. Every part of the human body serves its own purpose and enhances beauty. It is human psyche that they do not want to look ugly and one of the things that impart immensely in one’s beauty is hair.

That is why the loss of hair sensitizes both men and women. It is widely considered that baldness demonizes beauty.

Hair loss is one of the common problems affecting one-third population worldwide. Hair fall is a natural phenomenon.

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There are several reasons which play a crucial role in hair fall mentioned a few:

Diet, mineral deficiency, medication, stress, pollution, and genetics.

Covering the head with cap and helmet also results in hair fall. 20 ways to reduce hair loss are given below:

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1-Daily Wash your Hair with Mild Shampoo:

Washing hair properly and regularly is an effective way to stop hair fall. It also increases the shine and health of hair and makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.

2-Vitamin for Hair Loss:

Vitamin deficiency not only affects your whole body but also hurts hair. By making up this deficiency, we can lower the risk of hair fall. Vitamin A promotes the sebum in the scalp, vitamin E paves the way for blood circulation, and vitamin B keeps the color and shine of hair intact.

3-Enrich Diet with Protein:

Your diet should encompass healthy ingredients which give strength and help to reduce the risk of hair fall.

4-Scalp Massage with Essential Oils:

The people who are facing hair loss must go for scalp massage for a few minutes. This thing energizes and strengthens the roots of the hair. With strong hair roots, the life of hair increases.

5-Avoid Brushing Wet Hairs:

Combing wet hair augments the risk of hair fall. If it is needed to comb wet hair, use the wide-toothed comb to do so. To do intensive hair combing also hurts your hair. Use your fingers to straighten hairs.

6-Garlic Juice, Onion Juice or Jinger Juice:

By using one of the juices, we can avoid hair loss. This thing helps to promote the well-being of hair.

7-Keep yourself Hydrated:

Water is one of the basic constituents of life. So you cannot trivialize its importance. By drinking eight cups a day, you can enhance hair growth.

8-Rub Green Tea into your Hair:

One of the ingredients that are highly important for hair growth, green tea has its own importance. If you use this, this will produce desired results.

9-Know what is Bad for Health:

If you start avoiding the things which can be hurdles in the growth of hair, you can succeed in preventing hair loss. Minimize the use of the towel for drying hairs.

10-Reduce Alcoholic Beverages:

Where excessive drinking badly affects your other body parts, it also has dangerous impacts on your hair growth. Be abstainer for proper growth of hair.

11-Avoid Smoking:

It is wide spreading and even written on cigarette pack that smoking is lethal for health. The reason is that it hinders blood circulation which automatically results in hair fall.

12-Physical Activity:

Daily exercise is a dire need of body because it creates balance in your life. If you participate physically in any activity, it helps reducing stress level and promotes hair growth.


Besides having harmful effects on physical and mental health, stress increases the risk of hair fall. By reducing stress, you can decrease hair loss.

14-Avoid Constant Heating and Drying:

If you want proper nourishment of hairs, avoid subjecting your hairs to constant heat and dryness. Constant heat and dryness enfeeble hairs and cause loss of hair.

15-Avoid your Head Sweat Free:

Excessive sweat, which might be the result of wearing helmet and cap, causes dandruff which proves lethal for the health of hairs. Use anti-dandruff shampoos to maintain the shine of hairs.

16-Change  your Hair Style:

Change in hairstyle can also reduce hair fall. Hairstyles such as ponytails, braids and artificial hairstyles increase the risk of hair loss.

17-Take Care of your Health:

Prolonged illness also causes baldness. Proper take care of health ensures healthy hairs.

18-Keep a Watch on Medication:

Sometimes side-effects of medication also retard the growth of hair. If you are facing such a problem, consult the doctor and ask him to change the medication.

19-Keep Away from Chemicals:

Certain chemicals also endanger the health of hairs. So do not go for hair colors.

20-Schedule Appointments with the Doctor Regularly:

In the case of illness, consult a doctor regularly. Because sometimes due to chronic illness, there happens to be a hormonal imbalance which causes hair to fall. So to prevent, see the doctor regularly.


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  1. There are many people who opt for natural remedies while they never work for baldness due to genetic problem. If you have some kind of hormonal problem then it might contribute to your hair loss. But again you don’t need to be your own doctor at any level.

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