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How to choose a best barbecue Stand?

Welcome to our buying guide for choosing barbecue . There are mainly 3 types : free standing , free standing , and furniture type . They are available according to their energy source in coal , gas or electric . We explain the pros and cons of each type below .

Standing charcoal barbecues

Standing charcoal barbecues
Standing charcoal barbecues

See the best models of charcoal barbecue on stand or cabinet

It is the first type of barbecue, certainly the most popular choice and the most user-friendly too. They come in all sizes and all shapes . They require the purchase of coal.

Some are equipped with an integrated thermostat , or even with ash collector (This is the case with Weber barbecues – see our opinion on the brand – which, with their round shape, include an ash collector below the barbecue – very practical for cleaning ).

Other models also include shelves around to put your meat, or are designed as furniture . Finally, think about the material of the tank ( prefer enameled steel ), as well as the stability of the barbecue when you choose.

These are the cheapest models of barbecue, and they can only be used outdoors.

Free-standing charcoal barbecues


See the best free standing barbecue models

If you prefer to choose a smaller and above all easily transportable model , we recommend a model to be installed .

This type of barbecue is ideal for transport and picnics for example.

The range is smaller , but some models include a cast iron bowl for foolproof resistance , as well as transport covers.

Electric barbecues on stand

Electric Barbecue Grill stand
Electric Barbecue Grill stand

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If you don’t like cooking a charcoal fire and are looking for something easier to use , there is a range of free standing electric barbecue .

You will need an electrical outlet in the vicinity . This type of barbecue is good to be used on a terrace for example.

They have an adjustable thermostat , an adjustable grid height , and some models can also be used in plancha mode.

Free-standing electric barbecues

See the best models of free-standing electric barbecue

Even more practical, there are electric barbecues either to pose simple , or at the same time on foot and whose base is unhooked and turns into barbecue to pose.

Very practical to go on a picnic or to be used at home.

They also have an adjustable thermostat , and an adjustable grid height.

If you prefer to choose an electric barbecue, we would recommend this type of 2 in one model.

Gas barbecues on stand

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Last type of barbecue: gas barbecues . They require a gas cylinder behind the barbecue or a specific connection to a gas supply .

The advantage of this choice is to be able to cook your meat on a fire like with charcoal but without the inconvenience of charcoal , coupled with the simplicity of electric since you will simply have to adjust the heat during cooking .

There are inexpensive models and models in the form of furniture , and they are generally of greater strength , made with mostly cast iron materials .

Free-standing gas barbecues

See the best free standing gas barbecue models

Gas grills are also available in models to pose . If you have a specific location on your patio, for example, this may be a good choice.

Easily transportable to your friends, if they have a gas bottle, you can use them in several places , or even transport your bottle.

The range is very small , because this type of model is not in great demand, and they are only models of very good quality .

American barbecues

How to choose a best barbecue Stand? 1
See the best models of American barbecue

Finally, American barbecues are real outdoor cookers . Some models combine a charcoal barbecue with a gas plancha.

A French brand stands out: Le Marquier , which manufactures its barbecues in France and offers high-end models .

American barbecues are also very practical for organizing receptions.




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