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Best way to treat cavities

Best way to treat cavities with best toothbrush

Cavities can damage your teeth. You should treat your teeth with care. If you are using braces then you can buy the best toothbrush for braces from amazon. Decayed teeth with holes retain bacteria and food through the holes created by cavities. Therefore, decayed teeth not only hurt, but they can also smell horrible.

In the case of cavities, the bacteria that cause it is streptococcus mutans, which feeds on sucrose (sugar), lactose, and fructose. Sucrose also helps the bacteria produce a kind of glue called glucan, which allows it to adhere to the tooth.

Bad smell in a tooth: a possible cause of infection

Bad odor or a bad taste in the mouth are clear symptoms of some type of infection, either inside the tooth or in the gums. Infection may be present even though the tooth in question appears to appear normal and has nothing on it.

If it turns out that the tooth has broken, the bad smell may be due to the remains of food that ferments inside it. But it may also be that the break has reached the nerve of the tooth or a cavity is occurring and the decaying tissues produce that bad smell or taste.

Even if the tooth does not appear externally affected, there may be a minimal or interdental space through which food enters, causing that bad smell. In this case, caries can be found inside the affected tooth, and is essential to visit the dentist.

How to prevent and treat cavities?

To prevent tooth decay, it is recommended to limit the consumption of simple carbohydrates (foods rich in sugars) and maintain adequate oral hygiene adequate. This requires brushing your teeth, at least twice a day, with fluoride toothpaste.

This is important especially at night, since having your mouth closed and without hydrating for a longer time increases the temperature and bacteria proliferate. In addition, brushing several times a day is recommended, mainly every time you eat, since the time that the sugar remains in the mouth is essential for the formation of cavities.

Finally, you must visit the dentist so that it takes proper care of cavities since it is the only one that can cure them by cleaning them and placing a filling or a reconstruction for example. He will determine the condition of the tooth by examining it and X-ray it if necessary.

When the caries is only in the enamel, the treatment is simple, but if the bacteria overcome the enamel layer and penetrate further into the tooth, the following tissues, much softer than the enamel, will be destroyed faster and the cavities could reach the pulp and cause a true infection (that is why it is often said that it is better to go to the dentist at the first suspicion because if it is left behind, the subsequent treatment is more complex and expensive).

The treatment to eliminate cavities has two phases: the elimination of the infection and the repair of the damaged tooth. The restoration of the tooth could be solved with the dental filling or filling; with a crown or cover, if the cavity is too large; or even with the part removal if it turns out to be excessively damaged.


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